Learn more about the new Industrial Hose Insta-Lock Camlock Couplings Available!

The innovative Insta-Lock™ cam and groove coupling system is the culmination of years of laboratory research and in-the-field experience. The result is an amazingly durable, reliable and secure coupling system suitable for numerous industrial hose applications.

View the official flyer PDF here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0262/4923/2446/files/Campbell_Fittings_Insta-Lock_Camlock_Couplers_Continental-HoseWarehouse.pdf?v=1597852594 

Insta-Lock™ has 10 unique features that make it the preferred coupling system for operators looking for greater convenience, security and productivity.

Available in aluminum, brass and 316 stainless steel,
so you can choose the alloy that is best suited to your application, including military.

Precision-machined hose shanks. Superior holding power and performance whether crimping or banding.

Patented “Hose Stop” feature. Protrusions on Part E and Part C hose shanks prevent hose from elongating int the fitting when crimped.

Lock-out padlock holes. When closed, a set of holes in the “Lock Zone” allow the insertion of a padlock. Patented design stays secure even if the handle pins are damaged or removed.

No-snag design. Pull rings fit into “Lock Zone” so coupling does not catch on obstacles when dragged or pulled.

Damage-resistant pull rings. Pull rings are manufactured from spring steel for durability, and fit snugly into “Lock Zone” to prevent damage.

Ergonomic handles. Special “palm pads” at ends of handles make it easier and more comfortable to lock. Pads also keep pull rings from twisting open too far, making it easier to uncouple.

Damage-resistant design. V-shaped struts on all coupler bodies enhance strength and reduce “egging” that can occur when an assembly is repeatedly dropped.

Patented automatic locking handles. Simple, yet durable locking design has no bulky springs or latches to break, get lost or fill with dirt. Pull rings fit into specially designed “Lock Zone” of the coupler to protect handles from abuse and wear.

Smooth flow design. Couplings are designed to dramatically reduce internal turbulence, significantly increasing flow rates

Serration profile meets ASTM specifications.