Aluminum & Brass Water Garden Hose Ends Stuck Together? Blame Galvanic Corrosion.

So annoying... you'd think that any metal to metal connections would be fine... but no! There is a thing called Galvanic Corrosion... where two dissimilar metals and alloys have different electrode potentials. They become reactive and  and bond together over time (which depends on each metal) - so Good Luck trying to get them apart. (It's not going to happen) 

What can you do? 

I had to cut my hose end off and install a new one. Future Quick Connects for my water hose will be brass material just like the hose ends. (usually commercial industrial garden hose ends are brass) 

My neighbor this spring also has an aluminum QD on their brass water spout. That's going to take a plumber to cut it out and replace it.

Note that I've recently seen aluminum hose ends on residential water and garden hoses... so you'll want to stay with like for like on the metals. 

Here are quick links to BRASS Dixon Valve Quick Disconnects for use on garden hose:

Part Number Description Style Max PSI Weight
DGH7 Complete Assembly Unvalved 150 PSI 0.2333
DGH7P Male Plug --- 150 PSI 0.1045
DGH7C Female Coupler Unvalved 150 PSI 0.1288
DGHW7 Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Seal --- --- 0.0100
DGH7CV Coupler - Water Shutoff Valved 150 PSI 0.1500
DGH7V Complete Valved Assembly Valved 150 PSI 0.2545