Off world shipments via the nearest spaceport. 

Your parts can be delivered via the next launch date! ** 

Next Launch in T-Minus:

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Ludicrous Speed isn't just limited to Tesla vehicles.

No one can hear you scream in space when you don't have the parts you need... except everyone in your ship. We have strategic alliances with all outgoing flights to get you the parts you need at as close to light speed as possible.  

Contact us by phone, email, mail, or fax with your requirements. We look forward to serving your every need.

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  • 553 Carroll Street, Akron, OH 44304

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  • Monday - Friday: 04:00 - 13:00 

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With a complete line of hot/cold climate hoses and stainless/monel fittings - you'll be ready for the most intense of climates and climate changes. Whether it's UV protection or intense dust storms, we'll match you up with the best products for your project.

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COMING SOON! Build a hose assembly online with instant pricing and shipping as quick as overnight to the next launch at an Earth space station. Sit back, relax, we got this!

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Nothing moves Lunar and Martian topsoil like our Earth Famous brand names of conveyor belt and lace. Order it in bulk and assemble it yourself or contact us for a pre-assembled, ready to lace conveyor belt. 

Off Earth Deliveries to:

Earth Orbital

Our quickest service! Have your parts or hose assemblies delivered within 48 hours using NDA to any next day launch international earth port to international space station delivery service. We've gotten parts to the ISS in as little as 44 hours! 

Luna (The Moon)

With new routes improving weekly, you'll have the quickest access to earth-made parts produced in full gravity. No more no-gravity printed inferior parts! We guarantee every delivery is 100% correct by triple checking parts to be delivered.


50 kilometres south from Olympus Mons, in the city of Utopia Planetia, located next to Uncle Opey's Mars Bar and Grill, is the pick-up point for all products shipped to Mars. While you're there, enjoy a few alcoholic beverages and Chris's famous red planet real-beef* cheeseburgers.

Numerous Manufacturers.
Every part in every catalog.

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Mobile on-site service coming soon!

Our first acquisition to a fleet of on site spacecraft has been approved and we are awaiting delivery. Join our newsletter to stay up to date on our newest option for service!

Products and service offered:

On board hose crimping to 6" diameter hose.
Certified and trained crew of 4 with space walking outfits.
Electromagnetic boots and safety harnesses.
Self sufficient meals and liquids for up to 30 day stay.

Always fast and friendly service!
Intergalactic Bitcoin Credits required in advance.
Range limited to the Main Asteroid Belt.

* Real Beef may have been cryogenicly frozen for over 12 months according to their website.
** If for some reason you think this is real, it is not, it's a dream. One day we hope to provide products to off world customers, so when you're ready and have the need, give us a call!

Earth   41.0814° N, 81.5190° W